Sunday, April 12, 2009


Today is Easter so there's much to be thankful are a few for the day:
1) The first thing Aiva asked when she got in the car from church was "Dad, were we the prettiest at church today?" Of course the answer was YES! They had matching pink dresses with jewelry, purses and headbands/hats! Pretty princesses!
2) We had dinner at mom and dad's today. My cousin was there who I've recently seen more of en. He continues to grow closer to Christ every day. He said the book that really changed his life was "Purpose Driven Life". I'm just so amazed and in awe of his change and thank God for it.
3) Nate and I danced in mom's kitchen after dinner. It was a sweet little moment but the feel of him in my arms at that moment made me love him so much.
4) My mom got me a hyacinth for Easter and the smell that it gives off makes me drift off to another place. It's amazing!
5) When we got home from my parents, both girls were asleep. Nate told Aiva to be quiet while getting her out of the car and when she got up to her room, she asked, "Why do I need to be quiet?" and I whispered in her ear, "Because it's time to drift off to sleep." and she answered, "Oh...OK". It was a really precious moment!

God, thank you so much for such a great day. You knew it was going to be a good one and I thank you for blessing my family.

I pray that you were blessed on this beautiful Easter day!

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