Saturday, April 11, 2009


Today I have to play catch up from yesterday so I'm going to throw out 10 things that I'm thankful for in the past two days. It's been a busy day so here it goes:

1) Tribal Relations :) Things are better - gotta rely on God
2) I was able to walk three miles during lunch! I really wanted to work out but I didn't want to go back all sweaty!
3) I had to do slides for Lorien for this coming Easter Sunday and I think they look pretty good :)
4) We had Subway for dinner - gotta love Subway - so much better for you than pizza!
5) Nate and I picked up two movies from the red box and they were actually good picks. The first was "Yes Man" and the second was "Mad Money".
6) We went to church this morning for the "retelling" of the last days of Jesus.
7) During the church activity, Aiva pulled on my shirt and said "Mom, this is the best!" - It warmed my heart!
8) Painting at Color your World today with the girls. They had so much fun and for an hour I didn't think about how much I was spending. Just seeing their faces and loving what they were doing just made me smile.
9) While we were at Easton, all Aiva and Ana wanted to do was go up and down the escalator. I'm sure people were looking at us strangely b/c we went up and down several times. The things you do for kids!
10) Singing for bed time "This Little Light of Mine" as the girls waived their glow sticks in the air.

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