Thursday, April 9, 2009


Today is day two for my attitude of gratitude. Here's my five for today:

1) The weather was AWESOME today - made me want to take the day off and enjoy!
2) I got my hair cut - I love my hair stylist. She's the best!
3) Tribal relations - I know this makes no sense to others but makes total sense to me.
4) Going to Hoff Park with the family - I love to see my kids play with each other!
5) Gotta love CiCi's pizza...we couldn't stay to play games but we still had a good time!


Shannon G said...

sounds inspirational! That is a really good idea...I have a tendency to dwell on all the bad stuff that has happened since I was like born!!!!! It would be great to remind myself of all of the good that life brings us too!

Meggan said...

That's exactly what I thought SHannon. I dwell so much on the bad, the ugly, and all that's wrong that I miss out on all that's right. When I found an old journal it just really made me smile and I knew that I needed to start this again. I'm really glad I did. Good luck...hope you start your little AoG (Attitude of Gratitude)!

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