Saturday, May 9, 2009


Today is Saturday and we're in Nashville...rainy wet Nashville. I thought it was going to be really nice and warm. So much for that. Hopefully Ohio is getting better weather! Here's my top 5 for yesterday:

1) Got to work on time's a miracle. I had the whole family with me and I was the first one there!
2) I got Aiva's present to me for Mother's Day. She made it on preschool and the number one thing she loves about me is that I make good broccoli! Second is that she likes my pretty dresses!
3) I got my emails sent out to a "certain" group to see if they can make a guest appearance at Step Into Africa. I hope it works! I'll be scoring major points if so!
4) On the way to Nashville, Aiva said,"dad can you turn off the AC so I can warm down?" It was so funny at the time...She meant warm up!
5) I got Chipotle for dinner...I haven't had that in FOREVER. It's been practically a year and I could probably blog just about that but I won't. I only do that for Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream!

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