Wednesday, May 20, 2009


So I know I've taken a very long and extended break from my Attitude of Gratitude posts. It's not that I don't have a grateful attitude. It's just that life has been so dag on crazy and full. Nothing unusual or out of the ordinary. Here are a list of some that come to mind not in any particular order.

1) I have a beautiful bouquet of lilac's sitting on my desk. The aroma is to die for...these are probably my favorite flower. They almost make me punch drunk. I can't help but have a good day when the smell is lingering!
2) We celebrated my mom's birthday on Monday and my cousin was there. He's come such a long way and I'm so proud of his accomplishments. We had a good talk about the book "The Shack".
3) I cut Aiva's bangs last night and she looks like a little princess. You can see her eyes and she just takes my breath away.
4) I was able to get caught up on a lot of things today at work. It must be the lilac's!
5) This diaper cake that I'm doing for a shower this Saturday is amazing. I put all three layers together and decorated it and I was amazed. Did I do that??!! I'll post pics soon!
6) This past weekend I got the house clean and I was able to scrub the bottom of the bathtub and now it's white...yes, I'm not frustrated free! I took them all out of the bathtub. I might have to remember that next time I'm mad!
7) I'm looking forward and very grateful for a three day weekend. Makes this week not so long for some reason!
8) I received two Kraft cookbooks in the mail yesterday and I'm in heaven! The recipes inside are great and very easy too! The subscription was well worth it. The books used to be free and now they're changing you for them It's only like $8 for the year but very well worth the $$!
9) Nate went out and got a little seat for Ana to ride on the back of his bike. I think they're going to be more mobile now that everyone has wheels! Watch out Sunbury!
10) The weather is getting nicer! I've been waiting for this not only for me and my spirits but also for Nate. He's been so stir crazy that it's hard for him to sit still. He can finally go outside and be on the move. Does this mean that things won't get done around the house?? Point to ponder later!!
11) Did I mention the lilac's? Oh yeah...I'm still drunk! Go get your own!! They're amazing!

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