Thursday, May 21, 2009


Beach….just say that word a few times and what does it bring to mind? Warm sand between your toes…cool breeze…splashing waves? We’re going to the beach in August and we can’t wait! It will be the first time for both girls so I think I’m more excited to see their reaction than anything. Nate and I though that instead of springing it on them all at once that we’d gradually talk about it. Unfortunately we spoke too soon! The minute they heard the word “BEACH” they were ready to go! They’ve wanted to get sand pails and shovels for a few weeks now and that’s all they talk about. They even fought one day b/c Ana wanted to bring Aiva’s umbrella and Aiva insisted that it wouldn’t fit all of us under it. It lead to a knock down drag out fight but rest easy…all was solved when I mentioned not going to the beach. Lips were closed and they minded their momma! It was Nate’s idea yesterday that he would take them to Alum Creek Beach so they tested it out yesterday and needless to say…they both came back WET! Nate took them back today with bathing suits this time! I joined them for lunch and we had a ball. Seeing them out in their little bathing suit soaking up the sun and splashing in the water was sort of surreal. Something out of an old photograph or something. I had a “flash ahead” of me looking at a picture of them and it forced me to capture the memory and hold it for all time. If only I could stay a bit more and relish the sight. Time goes way too quick…enjoy it while you can!

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Shannon G said...

We are going in June to the beach...I dont like going so early in the summer but it is the only week I have off inbetween spring and summer quarter.

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