Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Don’t you love it when someone says that we have to have a talk? All kind of alarms start going off inside of me and makes me all clammy and crazy inside. I HATE when people say this particular phrase to me! I worked for a doctor that loved to use this phrase quite often and needless to say he had nothing good to talk to me about when I entered his office. Even talking about it now makes me queasy! OK, so you’re probably wondering where I’m going with this. Here goes…last night I was at Kroger’s at 11:30PM browsing the card section when my phone rings. Now I know that I was there way too late and I knew that Nate was probably wondering where in the sam hill I was. It was Nate and he proceeded to tell me that I needed to come home and that I’d been at the store way to long. I told him that I would be on my way in a sec so go to bed and I’d be there soon. He then proceeded to tell me that when I get home we needed to have a talk. WAIT! You’re my husband! You know I hate when people say this! What are you thinking?!! So, at this point I’m getting all crazy and clammy and I go to check out and I’m feeling all scatterbrained. I finally get home and head to the bathroom…that’s right the bathroom. Even though it’s been minutes that I talked to Nate on the phone, it messed with my stomach enough to send me to the bathroom. I know probably too many details, but hey this is my blog! So, after a few minutes*, I step into the living room and said “Yes dear…you wanted to talk about something?” All he wanted to talk about was life…the normal on-goings of our life and that we’re kind of running in two different directions at times. It was basically a time to get refocused (sort of) and headed in the same directions. Ever feel like that? If you answer “no”, you’re not normal! Stop reading and go to another blog. Seriously though. We get so caught up with where we’re at or what we’re doing that we forget to stop and look to see where we’re at and who’s with us. I needed for Nate to tell me STOP! Hello…don’t forget about me! Ask yourself right here and now…do you need to stop to refocus….Catch a breath…Get a drink of water? Do it…you won’t regret the view! Promise!

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