Friday, June 26, 2009


I’m talking about Macedonia the country…not the city on Ohio! My grandmother from my dad’s side is from Macedonia and I’m happy to say that I finally get the chance to visit. Ever since I was able to comprehend what it really meant for my nana’s family to come to the states from Maco, I’ve wanted to go. As a kid, we’d go to the Greek festival and I always thought it was just another get together where I’d see all my great aunt’s and uncles. Never did I imagine that this was actually part of my heritage. It wasn’t until I was in high school, I believe, that it really started to sink in. I remember listening to my great uncle Charlie telling stories of fighting in the war and the things that he remembered about living in Bitola that I started to get the idea that this was part of who I was. In one of my first posts for this blog I told the reason behind my blog name and I’m so excited that instead of just being known as Macedonian that I’ll now also get the chance to go there as well. Last week, my mom told me that my great uncle Bill and my nana got together and were talking about going to the old country. When my nana found out she said that her daughter Victoria would want to go as well. Once my mom heard the news, she told my nan that she could also count on me going along. Once I heard the news I was so ecstatic! Never, would I have thought that I’d get the chance. I’ve wanted to go for quite some time but Nate never really thought that would be an ideal vacation…at least for him. We’ve since talked and are making plans for our trip next year…maybe in May. It has been so fun to find out more about Bitola and how we’re going to get there and the things we’re going to see. We’re hoping that we can meet up with some on my nana’s second or third cousins. We have no idea if or where they might be but we’re hoping they’re still in Bitola. I’ve attached a map so you readers know where Macadonia is located and also a picture of Bitola and a picture of the Macedonian alphabet. Last week I was going to get a book and try to learn as much Macedonian as I could but after looking at the alphabet I’m hoping that the Macedonians there will be nice to me and talk in English! I may try to learn a few things like…HELP…SORRY…HOME! I’ll update you on our plans as we make them. I’m glad you get to be a part of my trip!


The Corven's said...

I am so happy you get to anticipate and go on this trip! It will be fun planning it all out!

figgys said...

I had no idea you had macedonian in you :)
I do too! My mother is Macedonian! How cool!

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