Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Yesterday was Aiva’s first soccer game. I was so proud of my baby that it’s hard to actually put it into words. She was a little nervous at first but once she saw her friend Jill all was well. These two girls crack me up. They hold hands all the time and last night was no different. The held hands as they traveled from one station to the next and when they were sitting down they held hands. Whatever will work to get Aiva to the point to where she feels OK to kick the ball! They started out doing some drills where they kick the ball and pass it to each other. Aiva loved that! There were four to a team so four of them were kicking back and fourth to each other. The next two stations were scrimmages and that’s where Aiva stopped dead in her tracks. She wanted no part of playing in the game. Even Jill couldn’t get Aiva to play. All she wanted to do was stand in the middle of the field and wave to Nate and I to come get her. She got to kick the ball a couple times which we were happy about that – it at least got her feet wet! The next stop was devotions and conditioning. She liked this part as they got to run through an obstacle course. At first she kept motioning for us to come get her but we kept giving her thumbs up. Jill moved so she could go before Aiva and once that happened Aiva was ready. She completed the obstacle course like a pro…tongue out and pony tail bobbing in the wind! Way to go Aiva!

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