Monday, June 22, 2009


On Sunday we headed over to Nana’s and Grandpa’s after dinner at O’Charlie’s. Nana just had to have ice cream cake from Dairy Queen so she stopped and pick one up and we headed over to her place. It was so nice to visit with her and the family and just share about different memories or about things that had happened recently. Going over to her house makes me remember when I was a kid and going up to her room to look over her jewelry or her clothes. I remember that I used to spend the night at her house and she always had different things for me to do or see and I just felt like I was in heaven. I saw the same adventure in Aiva yesterday as she went from room to room exploring. She just couldn’t take it all in. At one time, Nana asked Anastatsia (Ana is named after my Nana) if she wanted to spend the night and Ana just stood in amazement that she would be invited over and get to stay with Nan. It was so much fun to travel back in time for a brief moment! Once we were done talking and remembering the good times, we went out and picked cherries off of grandpa’s tree. We had such a good time. Each of the girls had a step ladder and Nate and I were up on ladders trying to reach the ripe cherries that were all the way up top. We laughed and threw cherries at each other and laughed some more. The girls had a ball! I told them that this would be a time that they remember when they get older so to take it all in. I want them to be able to look back and have good memories of going over to their Nana’s and Grandpa. I don’t remember all of my great grandparents but I remember my mom’s grandparents and my dad’s one set of grandparents and its fun to reminisce about the good times. When it was time to leave, both girls ran over to Nana and grandpa and gave them big hugs. They didn’t want to leave…instead they wanted to go to Mamaw & Papaw’s! I reassured them that they would be able to go another time but not today. We were all very tired and we all needed a nap…especially me! What a great day!

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