Sunday, June 21, 2009


This weekend Nate wanted to go to Put Put for Father's Day so on Saturday we headed out for a round of 18 holes. This was the girls first time so it was extra fun! The girls didn't know what to think at first. They thought they took their pick of holes and they were headed over to hole 14 where there was a pretty cool house that you were supposed to put under. It took a minute for me to round them up and explain that you needed to go in order of numbers. Once they started they were able to get the hang of it. Dad was the official score keeper and I almost felt like he needed a speical hat for the job but he declined the offer! After three holes, Ana lost her ball so Dad saved the day and got another purple ball. After hole 12, Ana decided she had enough Put Put and so she brought up the back of Team Jacobus. It was a perfect day and I almost wished we played another round. By the time you start getting good you get to hole 18. Speaking of hole 18, your's truely scored a hole in one and the alarm sounded and faces turned as I raised my hands and did a victory dance...OK, so I didn't do a victory dance or raise my hands but it was a good feeling to set the alarm and get everyone's attention! When I turned my club in, they gave me a free t-shirt which said that I got a hole in one on hole 18. I know I should have gotten Nate's size since it was Father's Day but I selfishly got a large and smiled politely at Nate and told him next time I'll win one for him!

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