Monday, June 15, 2009


Today Nate got me the most beautiful roses! He knows best when I need a pick me up. I just love that man. He can read me like a book sometimes. For all the 24 roses he got me here are 24 reason why I love him:

1) He has the best smile

2) He's thoughtful

3) He has a great laugh

4) When I'm having a bad day he always prays with me, right then and there.

5) He's a great dad

6) He tells the best bedtime stories

7) Sometimes all I need is for him to hold me

8) He's a great encourager

9) Sometimes he knows how much I need ice cream

10) The way his hand fits in mine

11) He has a big heart

12) Always thinks of others first

13) Is a great tickler!

14) He makes a mean milkshake

15) He has great faith

16) We share the same love for Montana

17) He lets me watch girly movies even though he would prefer something different!

18) He calls me sunshine

19) He picks out great flowers...for all the 15 years that we've been together, he still won't tell me where he gets his flowers!

20) He picks out great leg warmers (inside joke!)

21) Even though we both wanted a little boy, he is great with our girls...they adore their dad!

22) He's better than I am at driving in the snow!

23) I love it when he sings...he makes me laugh

24) he loves me+i love him=priceless

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