Thursday, June 4, 2009


As I mentioned in another post, we love to walk. I feel some days we walk everywhere. I guess it does come in hand when gas prices are so high. Don't get me on that...that's a whole nother post! Anyway, I was having a pretty good "diet" day...I use that word loosely! I had a few (8 to be exact) points left over so Nate asked what I thought of going to UDF. Did he really have to ask? Hello! I was raised in an ice cream family...get on the shoes and let's get goin! As always, we decided to walk there. It's a little over a mile to get there and come back so I thought why not! We had a ball. It was so much fun holding little hands and laughing at ice cream mustaches! I love nights like these. My love language is quality time and boy, did I feel loved! Here's a couple shots of our trip...looking forward to next time already!

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