Tuesday, June 2, 2009


OK, I have a new addiction. Now I know some are going to laugh at me but I need to come out with this before its too late. It just started a few days back and I believe it’s out of my system but I’ve had this killer addiction to the show Ice Road Truckers. Laugh if you want to …I know. Nate wants to kick me out of the house for watching it but it truly fascinates me. There are these guys who sign up to haul loads of whatever around Alaska. They travel on these icy roads that are hilly and windy and not only that but sometimes they even get caught in avalanches if they’re not careful. To top it off, between January and March they travel across the sea to transport stuff to city’s in need of whatever. Who are these guys??!! You have to either be dumber than anything or willing to walk a fine line between life and death. They get paid good money too so it’s basically just a gamble. You have to have your stuff together or else you’re dead. On Saturday and Sunday they had an Ice Road Trucker marathon leading up to the summer premier on Sunday night. I watched a few hours on Saturday and a few hours on Sunday. By 8PM on Sunday Nate was truly fed up with me and ordered me to take the dog for a walk. Not to worry…I still made it back for the 9PM premier. It wasn’t all that…I thought for sure someone would die or something. Oh well, it was fun while I lasted!

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Shannon G said...

my dad is a truck driver...

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