Friday, August 14, 2009


There is a couple in our small group, who have an 8 year old son, Sam. Their names are Mike & Cindy Bish. Along with Sam, they have two other kids, Aubrey & Kaitlyn. They just found out yesterday that Sam has a very rare form of cancer and today they found out that the cancer has spread. This is an email that I recently received from a girl in our group:

"Sam made it through his biopsy. They also put a port in his neck for him to receive his chemo treatments starting early next week. He is out of recovery and they get to bring him home tonight. (It was originally planned for him to stay over night.) The Drs. have found more spots on his lungs and the cancer is in both of his legs. Their saying that this is a very aggressive cancer."

My heart is breaking for this family and what they're going through. There are no words that can be expressed to describe what a sick feeling that's got to be. All you can do is pray, so pray is what we'll do. Here's my prayer for the Bish Family:

S: Strength to get through what lies ahead.
A: An abundance of comfort from family and friends.
M: Miracle - that's right...we're praying for a MIRACLE!
U: Understanding for what the doctors will be explaining to Mike & Cindy. Dr's lingo can be very confusing.
E: Extra special care from the nursing staff. Sam needs a lot of TLC!
L: Love poured out on the girls. I'm sure they might feel a little jealous - I pray that they will be spoiled as well!

B: Blessings to come from this trial. We don't know why this is happening but God always has something good planned, even when the day seems dark...even when the load is too heavy to carry...even when you can't go further.
I: Indescribable peace that passes ALL understanding. Help Cindy and Mike to feel the loving arms of God wrapped all the way around them so that it's so tight there's no doubt that it's God.
S: Safe travels to and from the hospital and doctor's appointments.
H: Health - While Sam's immune system is low while on chemo, Lord God, please keep all viruses and sicknesses from entering his body.

Join me in praying for this special little boy. I'll post updates as they are available. If you have children or family close, hug them a little tighter tonight and love on them a little longer.

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