Thursday, November 5, 2009


This has been a year of milestones for both girls and it seems that time is slipping through my fingertips like sand on the beach. On Monday, I went to Aiva's school for her first real parent teacher conference. I have been so nervous leading up to this and I wasn't sure why. I don't know if it was the thoughts rushing into my head about what this teacher thought of my sweet baby girl or just the unknown of what she might say about Aiva's words and actions in class. Kids act so differently in school than what they do at home so it was no surprise when she said that Aiva is a piece of cake. It was almost music to my ears! I mainly wanted to find out if Aiva was adjusting OK. Aiva is a very quiet shy little girl when she's out in public but when she's in the house she's a ball of energy. Going to school at BWE was something that was completely new. New place, new faces, new bus...everything new. I was so concerned that that she wouldn't have me there to be the spatula! I always think of Aiva as chocolate and everyone else as vanilla and sometimes she needs me there to whip the two together. I'm very thankful that God took care of that and he took over my spatula role! The teacher confirmed that Aiva is doing just fine and she's adjusting quite well. She befriended a few of the other girls in class and according to the teacher, she's very helpful. It was so fun to see Aiva at trick-or-treating and running up to friends from school to say hi. It just melted my heart. My baby girl is blossoming into quite the young lady...God's doing some good work with the spatula! So the first parent teacher conference is over and now we're on to writing and reading. It's hard to believe that she can really be doing some of this stuff. Does she really have to grow up this quick? Prepare my heart, Lord, for what's to come!

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