Monday, December 14, 2009


We have been waiting for this day ever since we've hit the month of December! It was finally time to see Santa! The girls and I went shopping in the morning and afternoon but then we came home for naps so they would feel refreshed to see the big guy! Nate and us girls headed over to Easton so we could see the good Santa that we've seen ever since Aiva was born. I was hoping and praying that he would be there and he was! This year he was a few pounds lighter. My mom even made the comment that he was a skinny Santa this year. We waited in line for what seemed like FOREVER but we finally made it up there! Aiva asked for a Barbie car and Ana asked for a Dora kitchen. I'm a little nervous because neither of them are getting what they asked for. We have a kitchen now that they don't really play with and I'm waiting to get rid of some unused toys before I start expanding the Barbie collection! Hopefully they'll be OK with that they's really cool stuff! After we saw Santa, we went over to Steak and Shake and had some dinner. Since the girls waited in such a long line to see Santa we thought it was OK to treat them to some milkshakes. We had a lot of fun and the milkshakes were tasty too!

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