Wednesday, January 20, 2010


32…WOW, I can hardly believe that I’m another year older. 32 seems different though. It seems like I’ve in some way crossed over to the other side. I know I’m still young but maybe this is what “mature” feels like. I’m not young but I’m not old either…I’m mature. Let me go along thinking that…I know some of you may have your own thoughts but hey…who’s blog is this anyway??!! I’m only kidding! Give me a little room for my own thoughts today…it is my birthday! SO, in honor of my birthday, here are my 32 wishes. I don’t just get one…I get 32. Remember, this is my birthday so I set the rules. Enjoy them, laugh at me if you will, or be inspired. Here’s to another year of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness!

1) To move in September
2) To be 32 pounds lighter
3) To save for our daughters future
4) To read 32 novels
5) To complete 16 (half of 32) long loom projects
6) To take a class at JoAnn fabrics
7) To make a new friend
8) To catch up with an old friend
9) To enrich my marriage
10) To learn something different in the 32nd book of the Bible…Jonah
11) To do something different with my hair
12) To bless 32 (or more) people
13) To go on a summer vacation
14) To go on a 10th anniversary trip
15) To have a family picture taken
16) To find a new hobby
17) To learn a new word
18) To make time for myself
19) To make time for Nate and I to go on dates
20) To go on dates with Aiva and Ana by ourselves
21) To ride bikes more
22) To get rid of our mismatched towels a get a complete set
23) To get a complete bed set that matches
24) To paint my nails more
25) To paint my girls nails more
26) To learn to like a new food
27) To buy more flowers
28) To buy flowers for others
29) To write more encouraging cards
30) To love deeper
31) To pray more
32) To listen more

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