Friday, January 22, 2010


34 really isn't all that bad! My birthday was great! Other than the fact that I had to work, which I'm sure everyone has had to work on their birthday, it was awesome. I wish I got to hang out more with my family but I guess that one wasn't on my birthday wish list so I can't argue with that one. Working wasn't bad though...Nate and the girls surprised me with roses which I got to look at and smell all day so, as did everyone in the office so it blessed lots other than me. After work, we headed to O'Charley's for dinner with my mom and dad. I of course had to get a Shirley Temple, a staple for every birthday dinner! Dinner was fantastic and the company was great. Mom and dad got Nate and I a cake and they sang Happy Birthday to us, which of course is always embarrassing, but who doesn't love it??!! For my birthday my parents surprised me with...drum roll please...a sewing machine! To say I was surprised is an understatement. I've been making these scarves on my looms and I just had the thought that I needed to get something that I could attache all these scarves to make blankets. What better way then with a sewing machine! Here's what I got...My mom said that it comes with 5 free classes at JoAnn's so I'm so excited to get them scheduled so I can start making new creations! Just to keep everyone in the know, I know have received 2 of my wishes! To start a new hobby and to take a class at JoAnn's! Nate was pretty excited too b/c my parents got him gift cards for Foot Locker so he can get some new shoes. He's been talking about new shoes for a few months now so he can finally get to it! Thanks Mom & Dad for a great night!

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Tiffany said...

That is so awesome! How fun that you got a sewing machine! Woohoo! It sounds like it was an awesome birthday for you and Nate both! So exciting. Loved the pizza idea, very clever. I would have never thought about doing that. So cute.

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