Friday, January 22, 2010


Nate's birthday was yesterday. I felt so bad b/c he was at home all day with the girls and we only really had a few hours in the evening. I knew he wanted pizza...shocker, I know! I called Pizza Hut and had them put together a special pizza for the occasion. Check it out:Do you see the 34? He was so impressed! I felt so sneaky and loved every minute. The girls and I got him a new OSU Rose Bowl mug and the book "Dance me Daddy" by Cindy Morgan and Point of Grace. He loved much in fact, that he cried while I read it. He always dances with our girls so this was perfect for him! The card we gave him said that he was the "Pizza Pie of our Eye"! Clever I know!! After that we headed home and we all played Wii bowling and wakeboarding. The girls had a blast and it was fun to play together. Once the girls were in bed, we watched the movie "I Love You Man". It had a lot of language in it, which was a bit of a turn off, but it did have a lot of funny stuff as well. We had a low key evening but we both know that our birthday weekend is coming next weekend. My parents are taking the kids and we're gonna hang out, doing what, I don't know but I'm sure it will be fun! Happy Birthday Honey!

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