Friday, January 22, 2010


I had a thought on my birthday that I wanted to blog about before I forgot. Nate and I were watching TV really late and I was determined to finish this scarf that I was working on. I knew that I was only going to get it half way done but I wanted to get to the end of my spool of material so I could be done with that. This scarf is going to be for me and I love the material I chose for it and I used my new loom that my sister in law got me for Christmas. The scarf is going to be a great color plus it's really thick and heavy which is going to be so warm. I kept looking it over and running my hands over it. I asked Nate several times how he thought it was turning out...I asked him if he wanted to hold it. To put it simple, I am so proud of this thing and can't wait to have a finished product. At one point, I put it on our kitchen table and thought for a moment about bringing it upstairs with me. Nate looked at me and started laughing...I told him that I was debating taking it to bed with me that I loved it so much! As I was walking up the stairs to go to bed, I thought that maybe this was how God thought of us. He likes to run His hands over us, stare at us to where He can't take His eyes off us, so proud of us that he can't leave our side. For just that one moment, it all made sense how much God loves me. It's the kind of love that give you warm "fuzzies" all over. When I do have my scarf completed, I know every time that I put it on, I'll think of God. Think of Him wrapping His loving arms around me and keeping me safe and warm.

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