Saturday, January 16, 2010


This evening we did something that we've talked about doing but never tried. Geocaching! I found a couple coordinates and we were on our way. First thing to keep in mind if you do this is to go when you have plenty of light and probably when there's not a lot of snow. I wanted to get out earlier but I was just so comfy at home to get moving too much earlier. It was just me and the girls, so I explained what we were going to be doing the day before, so they were really pumped. I told them it was like treasure hunting so they were all about it...I think they've seen Peter Pan one too many times! The first cache we totally couldn't find and they didn't get the idea of driving and then looking. I figured that we could go on another day to try this one again. It was getting dark so I typed in the coordinated to our next cache and we were on our way. In the description on this cache it said that it was by a cemetery but not in it. Needless to say, we were right in the middle of this cemetery, I kept telling myself to put the thoughts out of my head that we were walking on these dead people and just kept my eyes pealed for this cache. The girls were real troopers too. They were walking in ankle deep snow but they both loved it...until their feet started to get wet. We were all over this cemetery and nothin! At one point I thought I was headed in the right direction when I heard, "Hey!". It scared me to death...I looked all over this valley of headstones to find my mom walking towards me cracking up. She knew she got me. I called my dad before we left and my dad knew where we were headed so he told my mom and she thought it would be nice to prank me...she sure got me! After she looked around for a few seconds with us she said she was headed home. I thought it was a good time to stop since it was started to get darker and the cemetery was no place I wanted to be at night. Aiva was pretty determined though that she didn't want to leave. She wanted to find her treasure! She thought some other kid would get it if we didn't get it tonight. I had to explain it again how the whole thing worked so it gave her a little piece of mind that there was still home. I thought she was good til we got to my parents house where she proceeded to tell my mom that she was really hoping that the next cache we look for has a "DS" in it. She has her heart set on getting a Nintendo DS that she'll do anything for it...including treasure hunting! All in all, it was an good time...the girls had a blast in the cemetery and I think I saw Ana smile the biggest smile as she was running through the cemetery in search of her treasure. She told my mom she was hunting for a red shirt...who knows where she got that idea but I'll let her go with it. Hopefully next time though we'll have better luck! Maybe we'll see you out there!

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