Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yesterday was awesome! Nate and I had a movie filled Saturday which we only get to do two times a year. This was an extension to our birthdays so we had to live it up! We both love movies so we did three yesterday. It was hard trying to make a decision but we narrowed it down to the three and I think we made a good decision. Here's what we saw:

We started at 4ish and the last movie ended around 2AM. I don't really have a favorite out of what we saw. They were all equally good in their own right! Avatar was a bit long for me and I had to get a second wind but it was definitely worth seeing! After we left the movies, we hit McDonald's for an extra early breakfast and then we thought we might was well stay up for the Federer/Murray tennis match. We didn't last long but I kept waking up to check the score. I was so bumbed when Murray lost but didn't lose any more sleep over it. I really want Andy Roddick to be in the finals but we were once again not surprise when he lost in the quarterfinals. So, with what's left of our Sunday, we're going to go for Nate's birthday (again) dinner at Red Lobster, pick up the girls, hang out with them maybe at Polaris, head home for dinner, and then for me, catch the second part of Jane Austin's "Emma" on PBS! Gotta love a Masterpiece Classic!

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