Tuesday, February 9, 2010


To say that Nate had a relapse is putting it lightly. To say he totally fell off the "natural" bandwagon is getting a little closer. I sent Nate to the store tonight to get things for subs. Before I left today for work, I forgot to get things ready for our crockpot dinner. I just figured that subs would be easy for tonight. I gave Nate the list of items that we needed for subs along with some other things we needed like toilet paper and laundry detergent. What he came back with was very different. He came back with the things that were on my list but what he added to my list were very different than what I had in mind when he said he might pick up a few extra things. As I unpacked the grocery's, I stumbled first upon the Whoppers, then I located the Krispie Kreme donuts, and then the Lofthouse cookies. Next came the Twizzlers, the Miracle Whip, the Doritoes, and then the Pringles. Last but not least was the Entenmanns danish and the Kellogg's mini size cereals. Instead of being speechless, I instead came out with "What were you thinking?" I guess this is what happens when you need a diversion from natural. Lord help us this week...we're gonna need it!

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Aimee Miller said...

Sounds like someone is going through a little sugar withdrawal!

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