Saturday, March 13, 2010


This week I'm going to be posting some video's that Aiva took this weekend. She absolutely loves to be in front of a camera. She loves to sing and perform. She just told me that she wants to be a makeup song artist when she grows up!! Sounds like something I might have come up with when I was her age. I could twirl and sing for hours and so can she! For Christmas we gave Aiva her own MP3 with headphones and she could listen to it all day if we let her. She cracks me up...I really love that girl! This is a picture of her and her uncle Steve, along with Mr. Mouse from "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie". This Friday she received the book in a bag, which she's supposed to take a picture of her and Mr. Mouse along with an activity that they did that night/weekend. Hers was going out to pizza with Uncle Steve. She had a blast and is still talking about Uncle Steve coming to see her.
Can't wait to share with you some of Aiva's latest singles!

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