Saturday, June 5, 2010


Today was a sad day for Aiva & Ana. Their good friend Sunrise moved. We knew the day was going to come but we didn't know it would be so soon. When Sunrise came over today and said today was the day and they were loading up their stuff you could just see Aiva's shoulders sink. I felt so sorry for both my girls! Their friend who they loved hanging out with and laughing with was going away. It took me back to when I was 6 and we moved from Grove City to Westerville. I left behind my friend Michelle. She was my best friend...we swam in our pool, had sleepovers, played with Barbies...everything. I remember sitting backwards in our old green Hornet staring out the back window as Michelle waved goodbye and she began to get smaller and smaller the further away we drove. Aiva had that same feeling today and all that came to mind was, "Its gonna be OK". I had the radio on and both girls loved to sing but today there were no songs coming from the backseat...only muffled cries and little sniffs. We had high hopes for Sunrise. My girls were teaching her about God and I could really see them growing as they talked about Jesus to Sunrise. We prayed today that Sunrise would remember their talks and that she would want to be more like Jesus too. Even though it was a rough day, a smile was brought to my lips as I can see how much all three girls have grown.

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