Saturday, June 5, 2010


Last night, Aiva officially graduated from Kindergarten. Her last day at Big Walnut Elementary was on Wednesday and then we had Graduation at church. She had so much fun. You can see that she almost felt like she was an adult getting all this attention for graduating! Here she is 6 but she was walking and talking like she were 16. Not in a regular 16, don't mess with me, I'm too good for you sort of way. Just an older, sophisticated, more grown up sort of way! We had dinner and then the "commencement" started. The graduated came in and filed up on stage then Ms. Becky gave the address to the graduates. It was great...she told the students that they needed to ABC...Always Be Christ. Whenever they were close to having a bad attitude and talking not so nice to others that they needed to think ABC...Always Be Christ. She even gave the graduates ABS silly bands. Aiva thought they were so very cool! Once Ms. Becky was done, she passed out the diplomas and then there was a slide show with all the kids pictures. It was quite moving. It was so great to see all these kids and to think that these are the kids that Aiva is grow older with. These are the kids that she's going to go to camp with...the kids who she's going to go to football games with...the kids who she's going to grow closer to Jesus with. I was so proud of her last night. I was so proud of the girl that she has grown to be and so proud that she's my daughter. I love you Aiva!

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