Saturday, June 12, 2010


Again, another one of the blogs that I follow had a good post about stockpiling. I've been doing my fair share of this the past couple weeks and I love it. I've been getting a ton of free stuff and it has made life so much easier. We're getting to the point where we can give away stuff now and that make both Nate and I happy that we can help others. Nate has really gotten into it too...he loves to see what I've gotten and guesses how much I've spent. He always guesses way more than what I've spent and when I tell him the final price he loves me all the more! You have to take a look. You can read the whole article here. Thanks "Life as Mom" for the great info!

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JudyBright said...

I'm sure I looked weird buying a cartful of mouthwash at Target a couple of weeks ago too, but it was $1,24 for a two pack. I think we're set for life :)

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