Friday, July 2, 2010

Hoarding I looked and saw that my last post was on Stockpiling and I had to laugh. I've been having an internal debate with myself on whether I'm truly stockpiling or if I'm hoarding. My cupboard overfloweth with stuff which is a good thing but I'm having a hard time actually giving up the stuff. I've told myself all the excuses about being prepared, being wise, being a good steward but in reality I'm not being so wise or a good steward. After having all these feelings, I read an article from one of my favorite blogs, Money Saving Mom, and she gave me a good what for. Click here to take a look. I've found that I have been buying stuff that's really cheap or free but I have so much that it's coming out of my ears. I've decided to really purge and ask myself a hard question...Do I already have a stockpile for the next 6 months? If the answer is yes, then it's going in the basket to go to WARM (Westerville Area Resource Ministry). I certainly haven't gotten to the point of some of the people on "Hoarders" but I can totally see how they got there after going through some of these mind games with myself! Yikes! It really does give you a rush when you have a cart full of stuff and you're paying next to nothing for it. I just need to not be so focused on that to where I'm missing out on the real reason for doing it. Thanks Money Saving Mom for the insight!

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