Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today is moving day...kind of! We're moving our storage place to another storage place. Not sure why other than we can save $20/month and it's closer. Every penny counts. Aiva had a great day yesterday and Ana is getting so excited for her school to start. Tonight we're going to curriculum night at Aiva's school to see what all she's going to be studying. Not sure if Nate's going to make it since we're "moving" but he'll attempt it. There's going to be a lot juggled into one evening. We were going to have steak but that might have to be moved til tomorrow.

Last night we went to UDF for ice cream after dinner. The girls love going there and heck, who doesn't love ice cream?!? While we were there I got a few pictures which made me think of our trip to UDF at the end of summer last year. Here are pictures of both girls...last year and this year. Here's last year...

And here is this year...

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