Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well we recovered from "moving" last night. It went fairly well I might add. It only took us 5 hours...the girls were great and we're just happy that it's over! Aiva had a great day. I guess the crew was on their way home and back at the school, someone pulled the fire alarm. According to the "crossing guard" this is the second time it's happened. Nothing like getting the fire drills over and done with at the beginning of school!

Dinner was good. Since we had McD's last night with moving, we had the steak tonight. Spaghetti tomorrow.

Funny things from the girls:

Ana - "When I get old I'm gonna be a butt doctor like Aunt Danelle and I'm gonna check Aiva's butt!" Aiva's response, "NEVER!"

Aiva - "Ana it's not called 'branch' it's called 'ranch'. Like Long Branch without the B."

Tonight we're heading to do some shoe shopping for Aiva - I'm prepared for drama from Ana. I can't get for one without getting for the other!

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