Thursday, August 26, 2010


After just hearing about pie on iCarly I've all the sudden become very hungry for pie...not sure what kind, but sounds very tasty about now. May be a project for this weekend! Anyway, continuing on! The second day was a success! Can't get much out of Aiva but hey there's no homework so I'm OK with that. Last year Aiva had homework every night and it was tough keeping up with it. This no homework stuff can go on for a couple weeks! It's nice having the time to get used to having a schedule and all the tasks that go into getting ready for the school day.

Dinner was great although Aiva wasn't too keen on the Taco salad. Tomorrow is pizza night and I think we're doing CiCi's in honor of Sam Bish! Sam's funeral is tomorrow at the church. Nate, Ana & I will be going.

Dinner cleaned up...check

Clothes set out...check

Lunch packed...check

Ana - Ana decided that she didn't like sour cream tonight but she kept calling it "sour chicken".

Ana- " just ruined my ballerina shirt in the dishwasher!" She meant to say the washing machine!

No fun Aiva quotes just lots of fun Aiva expressions!

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