Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The First day of First grade was a success! Aiva loved school and she is so excited for day 2! She loved her teacher and she siad that her favorite part was when they did math. No surprises there. She loves math and she is a totally math girl. She had a blast being with her friends and just loved being at school. When Nate came to work to get me, both girls were passed out asleep in the back. They both had full days. Aiva said that there was a girl who threw up in her class and was so happy that she wasn't sitting next to her. She did tell me that she was looking in her direction when she did it. Overall, it was a good day!

Making chicken in the crockpot tomorrow...check.

Clothes will be set out before I go to bed...check.

Funny thing that Ana said to Nate when they were at my mom's this morning - "So you miss mom?"

Funny thing Aiva said getting ready this morning - "The is the best day of my life!"

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