Friday, September 10, 2010


We all love some good Kool-Aid in our family but what I don't love is when the Kool-Aid ends up on our carpet. Doesn't happen very often but when it does it's usually lemonade...thanks God! This week Nate made cherry...I know you know where this is going. For some strange reason, he gave the girls Kool-Aid to take to bed. Don't ask...I made that mistake the next morning. Getting back though, when I woke up there was a huge...I'm talking HUGE red spot beside Aiva's bed. I went to google, my favorite trusted search engine, to find out how to get it out and here's what I found...

Take a bowl of warm water and put 3 drops of dish soap in it...swirl it to get it somewhat soapy. Take an old shirt...this is what will take the color out of the carpet so make sure this is a shirt you probably won't wear again...and get it wet (warm or cold). Get your iron and start getting it hot. Once the iron is hot, pour the water from the bowl on the spot but don't
pour all of if..just enough to get it wet. Next, put the wet shirt over the spot and start ironing it like you would a shirt. Back and forth, like normal. Once the carpet is dry, pour more water, lay shirt, iron.
Nate was the one who did it and he said it took about an hour to get all of the color up but it all came out. I would rather spend an hour ironing the red out of a carpet than to have a red or white spot on the carpet. So, if you have Kool-aid on your carpet, now you know how to get it up! Hope it helps!

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