Friday, September 10, 2010


I'm seriously getting tired of these little gray hairs that I've been finding. What the heck...I'm only 32...almost 33. Isn't this supposed to happen when I'm in my 40's? Now I'm really starting to feel old! I called in a panic the other day to my mom asking her if I should color my hair. She's been doing it for years so I thought she would be a pro. It took her some time but she finally settled me down and shook me back into reality. So as something fun to take my mind off the thought or turning gray I made a picture of myself with gray hair. Here it is...kinda funny I think!So you beloved readers, do you have any gray hair stories or can you empathize with me?


JudyBright said...

I started getting gray hair when I was 21. It's only recently begun to increase. I'm 35.

Anonymous said...


You can do what I did (naturally) to prevent the graying from showing up....but I don't think you'll like the "do" very much!


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