Wednesday, September 29, 2010


One of my favorite places is Lifeway. I can literally spend a whole day there. I've been waiting this whole week to go there without kids and today was the day. I love looking at the books, number one, and then I like to venture over to the paintings. I am so amazed at some of those paintings and wish I had the money to buy one of them! While I was there I kept coming back to the books, and then going to the CD's...back to the books and then back to the CD's. I seriously couldn't make a decision and therefore, wasn't going to get anything. I'm not one who splurges on myself so whatever I get it HAS to be good. I couldn't decide! Then I had that little voice in my head saying, "Do you really need that?". Get out of my head and let me enjoy this one little gift to myself! I love to read but I also haven't gotten a CD for about a year so that's what I settled on. I'm trying to save all my good reads for when I get a Kindle, hopefully for Christmas. Why pay out big bucks for a book when I can get it for so much cheaper with a Kindle. This is all going on IF I get the Kindle! So, again, I got a CD. I choose Heather Payne's new CD "Sweet Exchange". She used to sing with Point of Grace and she was one of my we share the Payne name! It's all hymns, which I love so hopefully it's a good pick! On that note (no pun intended...i like doing those, don't I!), I'm going to take a listen. Good day!

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