Thursday, September 23, 2010


Thank God It's Thursday! One more day til the weekend! Our Saturday services start here at the church this Saturday so we're so excited about all the festivities. It should be a great weekend. We won't know how to act on Sunday though :) This week has been great although busy. We better get use to it though because next week kicks off cheerleading for Aiva. She then starts Art which she's so excited about. This fall is gong to be a little crazy but we'll manage. We have been keeping up with cooking at home in the crock pot so that's been going well. Nate had things all ready by the time I got home last night. Love him! As soon as I walked in I got a chance to visit with the girls and then we dug in to dinner. That's something I can get used to. He does have an ulterior motive though. He's been working at his grandpa's lake for the past several months and between him and a few other guys they're really whipping it into shape. I'm so proud that he is doing something that he really enjoys! He tries to get over there for an hour or two while Ana is in school and then goes over after I get home. For now it works and he enjoys it so I keep my mouth closed although I miss him being home. The weather will turn soon and before we know it we'll be getting cabin fever.

We've been working on the girls birthdays and we have things narrowed down :) We're going to Chuck E Cheese for Ana's birthday and then on Saturday after Aiva's cheerleading, we're heading to Cocoa Key Water park for the day of fun and then we're spending the night and playing again the next day at the water park. This little excursion is for both kids and costs a pretty penny but they will have fun and so will we. The girls are so excited and are counting down the days til their birthday! I still have a few more things to get Ana but otherwise I'm good to go...looking forward to a little break!

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Tiffany said...

How awesome that they are starting Saturday night services! That is really cool. Hope everything goes perfectly smooth and that it brings a ton of new people to WCC. Love that place! : )

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