Monday, September 20, 2010


YEAH! I've finally hit my 200th post! I've been waiting for this day since...actually I haven't but thought that it was pretty cool that I've blogged 200 times! That's dedication...I like to think so anyway! Thanks to all my faithful three out there :)

I said that in my last post that I had to put down some of the girls quotes so here it is.

Ana - "Mom, did Jesus die for ALL of our sins?". "Yes, baby..he did", I replied. After a few seconds she replied with, "That's gotta hurt!". Hopefully that's not a sign of things to come!

Aiva has been trying to teach Ana every little thing she can and one day it was shapes and sign language. Ana didn't want to have any part of it. Ana replied with, "Aunt Danelle said that I don't need to know that to be a butt doctor!". Aiva wouldn't back down and proceeded with sign language. "Ana, this is an A...say A." Ana said, "Aiva, I told you that Aunt Danelle told me that I don't need to know that to be a butt doctor! Just stop it OK!"

Ana - "Mommy, are you better yet? I sure miss you!"

Aiva - "I know what my Life Verse is, Mom! On the first day, God made light!" I wonder if this is the reason that she gets up at 6AM every day!

Aiva - "I don't have time for social calendar is too full!" Not sure where she got this??!!

Aiva - "Mom, I need to where my slip-on shoes...I don't have time for shoe laces!"


Tiffany said...

Love those quotes! Your girls are awesome, what fun personalities they have!

Tiffany said...

Oh, and congratulations on your 200th post! That's fun!

And the butt doctor quotes are extra hilarious! : )

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you back. And again by having an interesting post.

Anonymous said...

Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

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