Sunday, October 10, 2010


Today is Aiva's 7th birthday :) It's a big day because she'll never have a birthday like this. Today is 10/10/10. I've tried explaining the significance of it all but I just don't think she gets it. One day she'll appreciate it and remember what a great day it was. She is one special young lady and I am so glad I'm her mama...most days. This morning was questionable!

I'll never forget the morning my water broke with Aiva. She was due on 10/20 and I never really thought that she would come early. I woke up to go to the bathroom (it seems like all my water breaking happens in the bathroom!) and something didn't quite feel right. It was about 4:30 in the morning and I never really thought that anything could happen that early in the morning. To my surprise on my third trip to the bathroom I called Nate in and told him that I thought it was time. I had to tell him twice before I caught his attention. I called the doc and she told me to head on in. Since I had never done this birthing thing before I knew I wasn't going in stinking and I was going to look my best. I knew I was going to have all these pictures taken of me that day and I was going to have my hair done and make up on. I never anticipated the makeup being rubbed off and my hair being thrown up in a sweaty pony tail! Since we lived next to my mom and dad, I knocked on the door and let them know we were on our way. It turned into a true Kodak moment for my dad. He had a hay day taking all the pre-baby pictures. It wasn't til I received the first slight contraction that I thought we should be on our way. As we drove to the hospital I commented that I felt good and this birthing thing was a piece of cake...contractions, what contractions!?! We got to the hospital around 6AM and got checked in and all the pre-baby stuff done and we just sat and waited. Nate called his boss to tell him that he was officially on paternity leave and wouldn't be in today. We turned on the TV at first but it just didn't seem appropriate to have it all. It kind of felt like we were staying at a hotel and that I should be working or something! The nurse asked if I wanted to sit on the "ball" so I tried it for a while and the contractions started to get worse. This was the first time I felt like maybe I wanted to go back to that great memory in the car and feeling so great. The more I sat on the ball the more I wanted to get back in bed and so I did. I was in bed all day! It was about 7PM and I realized that I couldn't do the contractions any more so I asked for the epidural when I was at 7cm. After that I felt GREAT! SO much better than what I'd been...more like how I felt earlier! Our family was out in the waiting room waiting ever so patiently to find out if it was a girl or a boy! My grandma even offered to pay a nurse to come out to let them know what the baby was! At 9cm, my doctor came in and said that it wasn't going to be too long and that she was going to go check on another patient and she would be right back to get the show on the road. Sure enough, when she returned, she checked me and she said I was ready. I pushed three times and out she came at 9:33PM. "It's a girl!" For a moment Nate and I were both shocked but very happy. Nate cut the cord proudly and our lives were forever more changed. Aiva Shea Jacobus weighting 5lbs 10oz. She was so tiny but she had a might cry. She started out that way and she remains the same. She may be small in size but she sure is mighty. Happy birthday baby girl!

In honor of her 7th birthday, here are 7 things that I love about Aiva:

1) I love that Aiva is a book worm just like her mama.

2) I love Aiva's thumbs. They are long and slender and everything that I wanted when I was young. She definitely got her dad's thumbs!

3) I love Aiva's personality...although we butt heads a lot she knows what she wants and she goes after it.

4) I love that she is doing so well in school. She loves being there and loves learning.

5) I love that even though Aiva and her sister fight like cats and dogs you will never find anyone who will stand up for Ana more than Aiva.

6) I love that Aiva loves art. Seeing her creativity come out in her class is so exciting.

7) I love hearing her pray. She doesn't do it often because most times Ana beats her to it but when she does it reminds me how big she's getting and how her little faith is developing.

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