Friday, February 25, 2011

Five Star Fridays

#1 Jammin In Your Jammies - We had "Jammin" this week and it was a lot of fun. I wish Aiva got into it a little more but I think she's getting to the age where she's a little too old for this kind of event. Everyone got to come in their jammies, have breakfast, and "jam" with Chip from Lakeside.
#2 - My mother in law sent this adorable card this week to the kids. The girls LOVED it. She had a dog names Barkley and of course we have Bozeman. They get along like brothers. Boz is looking forward to seeing Barkley this summer!

#3 We got the CRV back! We just picked it up tonight. I hope this is the last time that we're separated for a LONG time! The best part is that they didn't even charge us for "part 2"!

#4 I got our Montana trip booked! We got everything for less than $2000! That's a miracle! Now all we have to do is wait til November! This is the scene will be enjoying for 5 days!
#5 Our church is using a new program to send emails. It's taken me all week to get it figured out and ready and tonight I sent the first email. I was so excited! Here's to more good stuff coming from the church!

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