Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thankful Thursdays

My intent was to start out my first Thankful Thursday with some one I'm thankful for. Last night I knew it was going to take a turn into some thing that I'm thankful for. Today I'm so thankful for our trusty Buick Regal. Our CRV has been in and out of the shop and the Buick is always there for us. We just got back our Honda the day before yesterday and we were so excited to have her back! Nate got in it to go to the store last night and she wouldn't start. I was so upset. We (us and the insurance company) just spent all this money and it STILL doesn't work! I am so thankful that we have another car to fall back on! Most people don't have this luxury. Even though she's a little rough looking good ole' Betty keeps us going. That's if for Thankful Thursday! Make it a great one!

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