Saturday, February 5, 2011


I just had a moment of weakness. I almost didn't blog about it but I wanted to let you know that I'm human :) I just plucked all the gray hairs I could find from my head. It started as I was putting makeup on. Isn't that where it always starts?!? I was not even thinking of "gray" and then it caught my eye. I saw the little sparkle and my heart sunk. "Another one", I thought. What in the world...where are these suckers coming from. I thought I just plucked one the other day from the same spot. As I was trying to position my tweezers just right so I wouldn't pluck more than one, I spotted another one. OK, is someone playing a trick on me? I know that hair wasn't gray about two seconds ago. After it was all said and done there was a total of four gray hairs staring at me from my bathroom sink. I could almost hear them taunting me. For today, I was triumphant and defeated the battle of the gray. Tomorrow, I'm not sure I'll be so successful but at least today I was victorious!

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