Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So it's been an exhausting day. I'm surprised I haven't already gone to bed. I needed to get the good ole' work out in and I couldn't get something off my mind so I thought I'd blog a little before I hit the hay. My car has been out of commission (and transmission) for the last three weeks. We've been down to one car and it hasn't been fun. I'll save you the details but we we were waiting for our tax refund check to pay for the work. We finally got the check and as soon as I received it I called the mechanic to give him the green light to fix the car. He called me yesterday and told me that the car would be done today and we could pick it up in the afternoon. The bad news came around 11AM today. I knew the news was going to be bad as soon as I realized he left a message without my phone ringing and then I couldn't get to my voicemail. I should have stopped and prayed then but I proceeded on. I finally got the message and he explained to me (long story short) that we have blew up the engine and instead of the $1000 that we were thinking we would have to pay it was going to be $4000-$5000. My heart sank. That was practically the rest of our refund check that was left over. What were we going to do? I couldn't even wrap my head around the thought of not going on our anniversary vacation in November. What about the money we were going to build back up our savings? Gone...that was the only thing that kept coming to mind...Gone. The only thing that Nate said was that he was glad we had the money to pay for the repair. What? What about the other stuff. I couldn't get past it. I made numerous calls, talked to all kinds of people, I was in a rut all day. It was awful. I talked to my parents and they advised me but the news was bad no matter how you looked at it. It was 4PM when a friend walked in my office and asked why I wasn't running it thru insurance. HELLO...wake up call! Why weren't we again? It originally started out that we didn't want Nate to have this on his record so we were just going to pay the $1000 out of pocket since the accident was his fault. It didn't even cross my mind to put it thru insurance with the price going so high. I called my insurance guy (who is amazing) and he told me we can certainly do this plus he told me that our deductible had decreased. Not only are we not going to have to loose all of our tax refund check but we only have to pay our $500 for the work. What a relief. What did I learn? I still have a problem with worry and trust. I feel like I can do things on my own and when I learn that things aren't going my way I worry about what's going to happen. This little interruption rocked my world today and it shouldn't have. It says in Matthew DO NOT worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of it's own. Today I had trouble alright but I also have a great big God. He knows what my tomorrow is going to bring. He knows my desires, my needs, my shortcomings, everything. Pride is something else that got in the way. I didn't want to tell anyone at work about my bad news and it took my friend overhearing a conversation to figure out I was in trouble. If I would have gone to her sooner I might not have gone thru the valley for that short time. This was certainly a test and I didn't do so well. Hopefully next time I have an interruption I'll take time. That's just it...take time. Be quiet. It's so not in my nature to take time but that's where I get caught up. Lesson learned for today...take a timeout.

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