Saturday, March 12, 2011

Five Star Friday

I'm a little late with my Five Star Friday so here it goes:

#1 - Two words...Wii Zumba. I love this new workout and so does Nate! It gives you a good burn and you sweat a lot - I like to know that when I work out I'm doing something!

#2 - A partial week with no TV. The girls actually played with all their toys. Even though they complained a little it was still nice to not have the TV on for background "noise".

#3 - A couple nights I got some good sleep. I had a cold the beginning of this week so I tried to sleep it off as much as possible. It's nice to sleep and not feel guilty about it!

#4 - Girl time on Friday. Nate had small group so it was me and the girls. Even though both of them are sick it was nice to have some girl time.

#5 - I was able to read a book on my Kindle today. It's been saved on there for three months and I finally got the chance to read it today. It feels so good to get thru a book. I feel like there's no time these days so I had to make time. With two girls sick there was plenty of time today!

That's my Five Star (Delayed) Friday :) Make it a good one!

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