Friday, April 1, 2011

Five Star Friday

#1 - I got to see my fair share of movies this week. I am such a movie junkie that it did me well to get caught up. I think when I'm old and gray and have to go back to work (due to the cost of living and inflation) I'll go back as a movie critic. Two good movies that I was surprised in was Country Strong and Life As We Know It. Next time I'll get to splurge will be in November for our anniversary. I can't wait!

#2 - I got to redecorate the living room and add a few things to the girls room. The living room looks great and I can't wait to see what the gang thinks. Looks much more appealing that what we had before. SO excited that I got a a new entertainment center! Looks awesome!

#3 - I got a new t-shirt that I'm dying to show Nate. It's from Francesca Batistelli and it says:

#4 - Had the hardest laugh today and it felt great! Duane Gray in our office was laughing out in the hall and I swear it sounded like a machine gun! I had to yell out to him what he sounded like and I couldn't stop laughing. Gosh...isn't it good to laugh!

#5 - Aiva learned how to text this week from "Grammy's" phone. My baby is growing up! My favorite part? She ended every one of her texts with "I love You Mama!". I knew my parents loved me but I don't remember them telling me often that they love me. I try to tell my girls and Nate at least a zillion times a day that I love them. Seeing Aiva's words on my cell phone just enforced that I'm doing a good job and letting her know that she's loved.

What a full week...5 PLUS Stars in my book! Gotta run...they're home!

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