Thursday, March 31, 2011

Word-filled Wednesday & Thankful Thursday

I'm combining both of these posts since they both deal with the same thing. Hope that's cool with you :) Yesterday I spent the day racking my brain for how I was feeling inside. There was a verse out there but I just couldn't put my finger on it. All day I kept searching my heart and it just wasn't coming to me. I looked up something and it took me to a quote by someone, not sure who, but it goes like this:

"The soul is nourished by ritual and celebration."

That's exactly what I was feeling but I couldn't find a verse in the Bible that used those particular words. Today as I was having some quiet time I finally found the verse I was looking for! Funny thing is that it's so common that I'm surprised it didn't come to me sooner! Does Psalms 23 sound familiar? Hello! So...the verse I'm using for Word-filled Wednesday is easy...

"He restores my soul"

That's it! This week my soul has been restored. I've had some good quiet time. I've gotten to clean up and re-decorate the house. I've gotten to hang out with some friends and have seen several movies. My soul is very full...I do...I feel restored! It's amazing what a few days and some peace and quiet will do to a person!

Which leads me to Thankful Thursday ;) I'm so thankful that I've had this week to get my "stuff" together. I feel so much more rejuvenated and like I have more of a spring to my step. I know it takes a lot out of Nate to take the girls out of town so kudos goes to my wonderful husband. It's been a rough week in Nashville because they've had some pretty crappy weather. Can't wait for them to get back into town and see what I've done to the house. Thank you honey for letting me have this time. It will help carry me to Montana!

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