Friday, April 8, 2011

Five Star Fridays

#1 - Last night Ana and I had some cuddle time. Before bed she was coloring a picture and all of the sudden she said she was feeling a little tired and she climbed up in my lap and fell asleep. She felt so good sleeping in my arms that I didn't want to put her down because I'll never know when she'll do that again on her own. Made me think of my Karen Kingsury book, Let Me Hold You Longer. This link is to Karen giving a promo of her book as she reads it. Makes me cry every time :)

#2 - Lunch out with my friend Mandy :) We've been trying to get together for AGES and we finally made it work. Nothing like a baby on the way to give you a good kick in the butt :) I should mention it's her baby...not mine :)

#3 - It's the little things in life :) Nate, Ana and I walked to UDF this week for some ice cream while Aiva was at art. It was a little chilly but made my heart warm at the thought of summer being around the corner.

#4 - I got picked this week from Columbus Research Connection to do an interview on coffee. I scheduled it for next Friday but had to cancel today. Just to get picked was quite a feat in itself. I haven't done any work for them in months so I was happy that they called and wanted me to come in. Maybe next time!

#5 - Last but not least - scheduling to get Aiva's tonsils out. I'm ready for her to be a healthy little girl and not have to worry about meds anymore. Both girls have been sick a lot in their little life so it's exciting to know that Aiva can hopefully put all this behind her and move on to a normal healthy life.

That's my 5 star Friday...make it a good one :)

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