Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Poem 2011

Just take a minute,
and sit back in your chair.
Relax and do nothing.
just don't be a bear.

Please read this note
to find out what has happened,
to us this past year
in the form of my rappin'.

We’ve had lots of fun in 2011,
I'm happy to say that it's been really heaven.
Montana is where we went to celebrate,
Coming back home was filled with love and hate.
Married for 11 years, we can hardly believe it,
I wish time would just stop, I have to admit it.

Aiva and Ana are now eight and five,
They are extremely active and love to dance the jive.
Aiva's in second grade - top of her class,
She loves to do her best and hates to finish last.
Ana's in preschool and way taller than her friends,
She likes to color with markers and sometimes even pens.

Aiva loves to sing, do art and work on math,
Now if only I could get her in to take a bath.
She's kind to her sister, and is so sweet and loving,
only sometimes I catch her pushing and shoving.
School is her favorite, she really hates to miss,
Staying at home sometimes makes her hiss.

Ana, that kid is one in a million.
I wouldn't trade her, not even for a bazillion.
She loves to dance, sing, and play with her dollies,
But when she misses her nap, she really is quite naughty.
She never stops talking, that little jabberjay,
She laughs and smiles most of the day.

As for ma and pa,
we just keep on groovin'.
Raisin' these young'uns
we're always a movin'.

Nate's pushing deer from the woods,
He would be so excited to bring home the goods.
A buck is what he wants, but a doe will do,
Most days he only gets a Mt. Dew or two.
He is such a great dad and so much fun,
I'm glad to call him mine, he's my honey bun!

As for me this year, I’ve been busy a sewin',
Working on projects are what keep me goin'!
Pinterest has become my new addiction,
I haven't even cracked a book that's fiction.
The housewife and mother - that’s me!
So there’s no place that I’d rather be.

So put on your seat belts, it's time to go,
The new year will be here, it's coming with the snow.
What are your plans for the coming year?
Please pass em' along , we'd love to hear!
May you be richly blessed at work and at play,
We hope that you all have a great Christmas Day.

1 comment:

Aubre and Gary said...

I love love love that poem! WOW, so creative and full of info! Love it! I might have to hire you to do ours! xxoo

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