Friday, December 9, 2011

Weigh In's time for the truth to come out. I've been busy and haven't had a chance to weigh in so I knew that I had to do it this week. I've also been busy and haven't been totally watching close the things I'm eating. The problem child is lunch, when I take one. If I stay at work and just do fruit and veggies I'm good but if I go out for any reason I've fallen to "temptation"! With me going shopping and trying to get Christmas shopping done, I've been out more. Once my shopping is completed I'll feel so much better! So here are my numbers

12/9/11 211.8 (gain of 1.6lbs since 11/18/11)

I think I want to be more frustrated with myself but really the number could be much worse. I've been incredibly busy with work and making all these Christmas presents that I could have blown it with eating. So what's my plan? To constantly have a plan at lunch. Dinner has been going well. I've had my meal plan and that's been working well. Last night I improvised when I found my potatoes were bad and we had a dinner that I planned for this weekend. For the next two weeks, I'm planning that if I have to go out shopping that I will eat my lunch before I go out so I'm not as hungry. Keeping plenty of fruits & veggies by my side is also key as well as having water readily available. Good news! A friend and I are taking a class at the rec center...zumba. Looking forward to getting back at it! OK...gotta run to work so I've gotta end this! Have a happy day!

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Aubre and Gary said...

I struggle too with being out of routine this time of the year, my recommendation is that whenever your out pack a little snack bag to keep in the car with fruit, cheese, veggies. If you have to go out, make it Subway. It gives you much more control over what your taking in, you can really eat a healthy meal, and you don't have the temptation of fried foods!

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