Monday, January 9, 2012


So every year I always do my goals for the year in January (colossal ideas, I know). I normally do the same amount of goals for how old I am, therefore, this year, I'm doing 34! Once I list my goals for this year, I'll update you on what all happened from last year. Here goes nothing:

#1 - excited to get into a house! It's been 5 long years!
#2 - Build our savings
#3 - Do more craft stuff
#4 - Make more jewelry
#5 - Make more jewelry for others
#6 - Make another quilt
#7 - Do a garden
#8 - Send more cards
#9 - Bless others more
#10 - Spend less time on the computer when at home
#11 - East out less on weekends
#12 - Be consistent with menu planning thru the week
#13 - Work with my kids more on reading the bible
#14 - Do a date night with each of my girls by themselves
#15 - Pamper myself more
#16 - Call my dad more
#17 - Organize my paperwork
#18 - Get rid of old jammies
#19 - Go to bed earlier
#20 - Take a lunch more often
#21 - Get my pictures organized
#22 - Go on a family vacation to Chicago
#23 - Having to buy all new clothes because they're too big (ok, maybe more of a dream :) )
#24 - Have no warning lights shining on our car
#25 - Have a table at a craft show
#27 - Be on time to work
#28 - Have a set quiet time
#29 - Read thru the Bible
#30 - Working with the girls on allowance
#31 - Teach the girls how to save and tithe
#32 - Be patient with my kids
#33 - Drink less caffeine
#34 - Be patient with Nate

From 2011...what is green is something I've accomplished or I'm working on and what's in red are items that I didn't do:

#1 Since I'm turning 33, the same age that Jesus was when he was crucified, I want to live more like Christ.
#2 To be 33 pounds lighter (I'm giving it another go)
#3 To pay off our car
#4 To make three new friends
#5 To learn to make my own laundry detergent - thanks Nicole for getting me excited
#6 To pray more for my brother
#7 To drink more water than Dr. Pepper :)
#8 To eat more at home instead of eating out
#9 To build our savings account
#10 To make something special for my girls this Christmas
#11 To go on a once in a lifetime trip on 11/11/11 in Montana
#12 To start making jewelry with Ana & Aiva
#13 To learn how to better communicate with Aiva
#14 To show Nate more affection
#15 To encourage my dad
#16 To visit my Nana & Grandpa more
#17 To give blood once this year (I'm scared to death)
#18 To eat a star fruit
#19 To make something for someone
#20 To get to bed at a decent time
#21 To work out
#22 To play with the girls instead of having something else entertain them
#23 To make more time for Nate
#24 To make more time for myself
#25 To read more to the girls
#26 To take time out for Ana and spending time with just her
#27 Try to eat more vegetables (yuck)
#28 To appreciate the things we have instead of what we don't
#29 To think outside the box more
#30 To enjoy the girls laughter instead of telling them to be quiet
#31 To be a friend to someone who needs one
#32 To be quiet and listen to God
#33 Take more pictures to capture life

Financial Updates

Baby Step #1 - Save $1000 in an emergency savings plan


Baby Step #2 - Get out of debt with the debt snowball


Baby Step #3 - Start saving 3-6 months of expenses in savings

STARTING Hopefully in the summer

Baby Step #4 - Invest 15% in a Roth IRA


Baby Step #5 - Future funding for kids


Baby Step #6 - Pay off home early

Baby Step #7 - Build wealth & give

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Aubre and Gary said...

What a fantastic idea with the goals for the year! I think I might steal this. You are incredibly creative and I love reading all your blogs. Incredible job on all you accomplished this year. Good for you. I'm blessed to know you!! xxoo

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